So, I've been off a while, on maternity leave, but back in naughty land for a month now. I won't lie, it's hard finding the time at the moment still, even just to cam, never mind do anything else. At this time I have cancelled all memberships except for the one month at a time one, because I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this site. I'm not sure I have the time, and I'm not sure it's worth it. I have to be careful with my time and put it to the best use I can, as my time is so precious now. And when I see people signing up, not replying to messages, watching loads of videos and cancelling within a month, I just want to punch something.

Currently, as a member you will get:
- Shitloads of past videos, photos, blogs, erotica and new content added when I have time
- Occasional blog posts
- Follow back on Twitter and other social media I use
- Access to my private SC photo story (if you tell me your username)

Caitlin xxx

I also cam throughout the week on Streamate. If you don't have an account already, and you want to visit me, just sign up here and come cam with me. 
Alternatively, come see me on Adultwork . For all of my videos, which can also be downloaded, see my Clips4Sale store.

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  • Caitlin:I'm on cam now at #AdultWork.com. Come check me out! (No registration required!) aws.im/25A
  • Caitlin:I'm on cam now at #AdultWork.com. Come check me out! (No registration required!) aws.im/25A
  • Caitlin:Lovely two days off, back on cam tonight 😀




Load of random pics

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In White & Wet Photos

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A rare blog post that's visible to all (it's normally members only!

It's me again! Funny, the weeks seem to be simultaneously flying by and standing still!

I'm 37 weeks pregnant now so I could pop any time between now and my due date on the 4th of March. I could also go overdue all the way to the 18th. Please pray that I don't go overdue. As it is, I've had enough now! I'm very big, have constant heartburn and braxton hicks, can barely get into the shower (glass cubical one), shoes are a nightmare, can't get comfy for sleeping or for fucking, and when I'm out with the dog she keeps looking at me with a worried expression like i'm about to keel over! Did I mention that I've had enough? lol But what goes in must come out and before I know it it'll all be over and I'll be complaining that I'm missing pregnancy.

There's all manner of supposed ways to make labour start, but they are just old wives tales. It's not going to happen any quicker despite how many speed bumps I go over or how many curries i have. I won't lie, I can't wait until a few weeks after birth when I am healed and am able to have awesome no bump sex. Never looked forward to a good fuck so much! The thought keeps me going! Haha!

Went to visit my mum this week, that was nice as I've not seen her since July, as life gets in the way and we live pretty far away now. She was going to come down to mine a few weeks ago but we've had a death in the family (of a very very elderly relative) so that was cancelled as she had a lot to be doing. However, a few weeks after I have the baby I've invited her to come and stay for a week, so that will be good. I say good, but mum does annoy me quite easily. Or is that just all parents? No doubt soon I'll be apologising to my mum when I'm a parent myself and I understand the pain! lol

We have had more snow these past couple of days, and it looks lovely although it's not very deep. Doing some filming today, expect some more videos over the next few days! Remember, the short planned show for the 19th is just provisional. Clearly I might not be here. Also I'm waiting to find out when the previously mentioned funeral is going to be, but it'll be around that time. But clearly I might not get to go to that either!

A big big thank you to the awesome boys who have renewed their subscriptions and/or taken out the new "maternity" subscription. It means a lot that you are staying even when I'll be pretty much AWOL for a short while. And of course, every little helps when I won't be working. You rock! But don't worry, I won't just disappear! There may be a delay but you'll be the first to hear the big news!

Big slobbery kisses,
Caitlin xxx